Taking stock (and a leaf out of Pip Lincolne’s book)

Making : the most of some ‘me’ time

Cooking : lots of soups and stews

Drinking : chai tea, the spice is so comforting on a cold day.

Reading: craft for the Soul by Pip Lincolne – it’s totally inspiring!

Wanting: some respite

Looking: at my sleeping dog.

Playing: ukulele, always the ukulele.

Wasting: nothing

Fixing: the leaky dishwasher (well not me personally, i’ll be getting someone in for that)

Deciding: on my next move

Wishing: for a holiday

Enjoying: my home, my man and my pets.

Waiting: for sleep to come

Liking: gardening

Wondering: what my Mum is up to

Loving: my other half

Pondering: the meaning of life

Considering: all options

Watching: Shameless, the U.S. version. I am totally hooked.

Hoping: for a sunny day tomorrow

Needing: new socks, all of mine seem to have holes in them.

Smelling: scented candles and essential oils.

Wearing: my ‘blanket’, a cardigan I bought a few years ago that is my staple for winter. Best buy ever.

Noticing: that there is a snail crawling up my living room wall.

Knowing: I eat too much chocolate, but deep down don’t really care.

Thinking: of all the boring tasks I have to do

Admiring: Justine Clarke

Bookmarking: strategies for encouraging grit and perseverence in my students.

Opening: my heart

Giggling: at everything – excessive giggling is a sign of being over tired.

Feeling: stressed


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