Crafty sites for pom-pom making

Lately I have been thinking a lot about pom-poms. I like them. They are fun and colourful and easy to make. I am particularly interested in pom-poms for wedding decorations so I have been doing a lot of pom-pom reading. I have collected a lovely list of pom-pom sites for your creative pleasure.

1. The queen of crafty inspiration, Pip from Meet me at Mikes has this to say about all things pom-pom. You should bow down to her pom-pom greatness. She is rad.

2. I spent a very long time looking for a pom-pom maker the other day when I could have made my very own by reading this!

3. Tissue paper pom-poms make very cute wedding decorations if you want something slightly different, they are super simple to make. Learn how to here.

4. Another great tutorial for using the Clover Pom-Pom Maker (I have ordered mine already from eBay) can be found here and it is super easy peasy!

5. Do you need to make a whole stack of pom-poms all at once? Check this out!

6. Just about the cutest pom-pom related discovery ever. Yes, tutti-fruity pom-poms! You simply must make them.

7. Making pom-pom garlands is super easy. You can turn them into something lovely, colorful and cute like these ones.

Have I convinced you that you should be off making pom-poms yet? I am going to make some for sure. I’ll let you know how I go!

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